New Knowledge

by CJ Trillo



I started playing guitar when I was 15, around 2005. Guitar and singing was what I attempted to do, but it never did so well. However...through the music, I met my best friends. It was through these same friends that I ended up changing my musician's name to Sucka Free CJ in 2007. At that time, I had absolutely no intentions of rapping. I was an acoustic kid at heart.

These songs are from a short period of time in early 2007 when I was still singing. Although they sound horribly amateur, I think they bode well in a sense of realness. I find comfort in bars, don't get me wrong. But singing always had a sense of raw emotion that always captured me. Anyways...I hope you guys dig these old tracks, and don't get too weirded out. Hahaha.


released May 1, 2007



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CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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Track Name: Cast Away
A sleep so cold
Beneath my home
Late nights down
Arrest this town

You'll forget my face
At an alarming pace
You'll reject all your prized possessions
"I see right through your lies, confess them"

Because all we want
are the burdens on our backs
to not go out like that
It's a perfect day

But all we need
is a simple piece of mind
to realize we're fine
and cast away.
Track Name: New Knowledge
Never been here before
never seen what you've seen
Now I see
The stories that you've told
and the more that you grow
Now I know
All your dreams will fall into my hands
With closed eyes, we'll win

I'll keep up my words
and we will succeed
While you sleep
With the steps that we take
your hope is regained
No more pain
I will sustain all of your aches

All we know is love