Volume 1: Nostalgia

by CJ Trillo



released November 5, 2013




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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Track Name: Ars Gratia Artis (Ft St. South)
Ars Gratia Artis

This is Ars, this is Trill, this is Heavy, this is me
This is how my soul responds when I am questioned by the beat
This is how I feel at night, when I be sleeping by myself
So this is how I base my heart and personality's wealth
My pressure is deeper than depths of space
I've folded too many times and co-existed with fakes
Sounds weak, right?
Like…tryna stop on a green light
All gassed up from this scene might just stop rapping and sing like:
I really need somebody, tell me you're that somebody
One time for my real life, I've died out and dived in
Just to see how that feels like, so my testaments keep piling

Just the very thought of lifting free
Drum this fear out, bring me to my knees
Cross your fingers, change to grow
A wish is all we'll ever know

This is how I live, and this is how I breathe
So this is how I plan on making real life out of dreams
If these were my last words before I passed away
I hope they spell out most of what my mixtapes had to say
So this go'n be that first time that I break off from that
bullshit that y'all may call
Real Raps, hell naw
Real looking like it fell off
I'd bare all and share pay if this trill music got air play
Y'all shank shots from these airwaves but its green grass
on my fairways
Look, enough with the rapping on beats
Let me be blunt, they don't think anything of it when this
shit'll happen to me
So I wanna be, everything me
Anytime anything happened to C
Jaded from everything mapping my being
So anything I become something I need, it's me


Old flow but the world feel new
So it's dope when you're rapping and the words still you
Still trill for the letters in my name so I'm tryna put in work
for the better of the game
Got to see it right cause this shit's like agents
Ain't nobody playing ain't nobody got patience
Everybody foul everybody gotta fragrance
Everybody loud, don't nobody know cadence
This is my drop off, my vanity
don't seem to fit where I plan to be
So I plead the fifth to my sanity
This heart regrets a lone path, ain't no architects in my past
Kept this art and thinking I'm good
So never will I fall to thinking I've passed
Speaking of the fall, the leaves have turned red
Represents the trees that spoke in my head
Did it for the pile of hope on my desk
And just a little flower coat when I rest, and everything's good

Track Name: Naughty By Nature
Naughty By Nature

Mathematic addict, Illmatic, a little static
Plus a rabbit outta hat be the magic I'm pumping at it
Mr. Flow Properly
Rapping don monopoly
Microphonic Trilla, writing shit that they could not believe
I'm not a killer, I just bust a lot
Hear 'em talk about the money, what the fuss about?
Nothing I, only show emotion when you hear me start to cuss a lot
Fuck it, I started from the bottom and I stuck it out
Still here, starting to murder beats, never heard of me
Still in position to further reach on a
Star, system, planet, galaxy
Yoda how I rap, 'cause I'm dope: they mad at me
I never knocked for cops locked the drop
They tried to stop my hop and did not so hip hop hooray


So gimmie the beat my God
Assassinate survived, I'm 25, and plan to die
Soon as them pigs fly
Moving through pits of fire
Hell if I won't try, well if a rope tied
'Round my neck, swear I needed the respect
so I left with a tech aim strapped at they're mother fucking necks
Screaming, "Give me what I ordered or the bullets
take effect, less I feel that y'all important for this movement I address"
I'm a lot more pissed and bit less stressed
So I promise what you're hearing isn't nothing more than best
It's so hard just to maintain in this game where the
fame for your name can bring dangerous heinous results
It's the most non-appealing of feelings like maybe this
thing hasn't changed for the names that we lost
So rest in peace Pac & Big Pop
Y'all the only ones to give props, so hip hop hooray


Picture perfect, I paint perfect picture
Bomb a hoochie with my dick and tell the bird to bring her sister
It's a block party baby doll are you down?
I think you oughta be, you hardly ever partying now
I'm hearing sodomy and lottery's the new language
But I'm philosophy and Socrates and Wu-Tang bitch
Buying booty on they birthday on that 2 Chainz shit
I'm America's Most Wanted, on my Hussein shit
I'm tryna kick in my description of pimpin on these hos
So try and listen poppa grippin his vision for each flow
Swear I'm livid from the gimmicks of rapping for cheap dough
So now money for me?
That's more money for y'all
Still gunning for me?
I'm still running from y'all
You still running them streets?
That's why I stay in my yard
Now take the last 6 bars and rewind
And think of it opposite, I swear I'm just ahead of my time
That's just a bullet point for your facts of life
Flow duckin' bullet points for these captions like
How the fuck should I care about somebody else's opinion
Got Puerto Rico, Filipino, Irish and Dominicans
From Rapid City, L.A., and my people's from the east
See them commenting on videos like, "Trillo give me peace."
So it's amen 'till the pistols pop, I'm giving thanks to all I found in hip hop
So hip hop hooray
Track Name: Alright
Analytically speaking I'm thinking I'm sort of different
My compromises seem to be part of the difference
I've let relationships fade, my patience away
I guess the music is my only dedication to date
It's my reality, my spoken punctualities will bury
my anatomy and rearrange it radically
Of course, I take notes
I play her favorite song just to see that thang go
My repertoire has never caused another to beef
So how the hell they show you love and there ain't nothing for me?
I guess it's no more Mr Nice Guy
Hello Mr Nice Bars, better get familiar with them hella Trillo iPods
…hold up…
Young bandit, Trillo kicks bright so them bitches sun damaged
Whether it's an issue if I'm serving the beat
I'm finna burn this fucker down like a murderous streak
So who your wifey's favorite rapper, homie I suggest you ask her
…who'd she say?
They say I pause too much
I say that lightbulb in my head is what I pause too, bruh
Took a second to register clever memory enemas
Letters of comprehensive intelligently offending us
My movie wouldn't have a happy ending,
but if I'm my own producer I don't have to have an ending
I awake in a roomful of notes
Flip-side they beats, take that lyrical coast
And I'm gone

If you bumped the last 12 bars smoking weed up in your car, well alright
If you're laying down in bed with some speakers to your head, well alright
If you're wylin' at a party hella vibin on somebody, alright
Just know I'm coasting on these tracks pictured listeners relaxed when I write,
well alright

I just wanna cuss at mother fucker, tell him what it is
Be like, "Look mother fucker this the reason that I live.
Go and sit back and act, like the fact that I ain't
black be the reason why you mother fuckers laughing at my tracks."
That's a trap, you the dirtiest of rats, handle that
See my tracks wouldn't worry 'bout no rats, handled that
Pan the camera, wicked with the raps that's a fact
Pan handler, opposite of that, that's a wrap
Now wouldn't that be nice?
That volume maxed out on it's levels so they slap me right
Already chin-checked the devil so they cast me light
A virgin to shitty music so these raps be tight
My mainframe the same thang that Marvin sang
That's soul, man
The game changed and paused them thangs
That's why I'm here to resurrect
Watch a movement take effect in they chests
Put this wisdom to they necks like a tech
Watch they steps, cause this knowledge ain't a gift it's a bet
And I hope y'all win
Gotta go all in
It's better when your patience will prevail
Fuck a full house, fuck them imitations that they sell
Fuck a bad bitch, want a great woman, fuck that average
Fuckin rap shit, got me working out these cracked lips
Where the chapstick? I'ma be here for a minute
I'ma be the only rapper who could beat up on his image
My weaknesses aren't flaws, they sorta a gift from God
A challenge that I accept and I overcame when it dawned so I'm gone…

Track Name: Pointless
Old school habits, I'm still at it
and I been in this dirt so long it feels average
I'm tryna flip debates
You know, that shit that really make them little hipsters hate
So level with me, dog, fix the bass

How could you tell me I ain't liable
Beating up this track and going tribal
Rivals, semi-sipping juice up on they rides though
My folk, tend to tip they hates cause both they eyes low
Wild though, flippin' bitches bootys for the style, yo
I've got spectacular dreams
Some wake up morning after morning doing average things
I'm like a pet shop owner dealing serpents for your garden
Might go Thabo Sefalosha on these fuckin James Hardens
Might go Aubrey Drake Graham and tell you all just where I started
It's a little different atmosphere now that the fear's departed
So lemme speak
Just go on and tell 'em this is my dream
Tryna link, I'm a previous felon for how I think
What's a king, it's a Trillo who talking on what he see
Lemme breathe, this everything momma want me to be
So I'm kinda pushing the point
I anoint like a pastor who puffing religious joints
Saying prayers for my peoples who putting on for they boys
Brain kicking, brand new tape but I ain't different
Old school hate and I can't listen
Somebody told me tell you to go
So I'm throwing y'all my name I won't say it again
CJ Trillo
Get that shit on a chain
Put your boy on a shirt don't sell that shit to them lames
or pussy poppers for fame
Damn though…that's disrespect to me though
Y'all call collect and I'm free though
I stack chips and y'all Fritos
I'm Mike Jack and y'all Tito
Track Name: Calling Me Back
I got a girl now, look at what my world now cousin
Living to love life, I'm giving to let love in
Couldn't of pictured her more impressive
Studies have shown her architecture is more or less of
Ancient mythology, offered apologies
Told her I'm working on everything that I gotta be
Hottest as modest mother fuckers minus monotony
Properly lay these mother lovers so they can rock with me
God is my a'witness
Pick apart this script shit
Kick it like I need a golden goblet and a cane on some pimp shit
This is Kobe dropping faders in the fourth
This is perfect ingenuity and nothing less than more
So once I hit my pinnacle I'll probably open doors
Throwing welcome matts at anyone who doubt what I record
Tell them that I ain't do this here for anything y'all need
This is strictly for my soul…do you agree?

I get up, I feel the sun through my window
Ain't no place that I can't go
And ain't enough, I'ma take more
Ain't nothing holding me back
I stay up and see the moon where my heart is
And battle back through the darkness
I couldn't leave where my art sits
It's always calling me back

What I neglect to mention is my bad intentions
Or, rather my troubles with my past directions
I've cast this section in places I don't walk
Where your friends don't listen and your family never talks
See this is when I say some serious shit
On whether God is on my side of if he really exists
But I've decided Im a product of music, art, and its soul
So if God isn't on my side then guess I'm better below
Prettiest penny if plenty people inspired
That's why Im taking it slower, thats how Im taking you higher
Y'all rather freeze in the rain and Id rather burn in the fire
Write about it in raps to show 'em what I desired
Truth be told I'm a loosely bold
Rhyme writer, crime fighter through this booth he owns
A couple thousand views and I ain't really hate for it
Still Trill on every track, for the sake of it

Track Name: The Trillos
Look pops, I done put a lot of work into this art form
I know you sometimes wonder how the struggles I'll depart from
Just help me out and put some faith in what you've taught
I've taken every lesson put some work into those thoughts
So tenfold I'ma kill this game for what's inside
Of your heart from when you felt that you couldn't provide
I guess you couldn't see when lights adjusted to your flutters
And I know you lost your wife, but god damn I lost a mother
I almost cry sometimes I say that
I feel that's sorta weak since all this drama happened way back
I should've faced the truth but kept it locked and hid astray
And all that made me true became a lie that fades away
I'm telling you it wasn't part of what I had intended
When you and I had drifted off and somehow got offended
Your my only parent left and I would die for what you bleed
Cause after all, children just a product of they're seed
This relationship's been damaged
Bruise black hammered
I only wanna bring us back to blue black hammocks and chill with ya
Take a second to start to build with ya
Feel with ya, pouring drinks I can spill with ya
Just me and you and reminiscing
And speak about this life and how it feels to close that distance
It's us against the world and we the captains of offense
Let's terrorize these demons that had captured what we dreamt
Don't take this verse as a cop-out I've replenished
Matter fact, I'ma call you when I'm finished
I'ma tell you that I'm planning something big for you in store
This music shit go'n help us get that whip that you adore
My life began in castles, for a minute fell to shambles
But bet your fuckin ass I hit the jackpot on this gamble
See Ima do it how you wanted from the get-go
And that's word to Cindy Miraflor Trillo

So lemme speak to you

Where the fuck do I begin?
I miss you, I wish you could've still been in my lens
I wish I would have spoken more, understood your focus more
In talks I wish I opened more
Deeper than the ocean floor
But wishin' and a'prayin got me nowhere in my life
Which fucks my thinking up because I felt that's all you tried
You gave your will to God and threw your life into his hands
Gave extra time to scriptures and put faith in his demands
Now I ain't saying that's where most my anger starts
Rather it's the fact I saw your muscles fall apart
I saw your face relinquish all that you ever embodied
Then saw the drugs diminish as they ran throughout your body
I was 10 when I first saw that chemo bald your cap
And I felt so enraged I swore I'd buy you a new hat
Childish precinct, your child is blinking
to shield away the pain from all that childish thinking
But honestly you've given more than I should ever get
I found my love for music through the pain from when you left
And to this day it's sustenance for every time I fail
I just wish that I could say I'm putting money in the mail
Kinda hard but I'll say it
Im speaking through this playlist, I'm bleeding on these
songs for you and hoping heaven play it
Im seeing what the clouds can do and how they seem to save it
Tell God Im sorry for my sins and ask him to be patient
By the way, I received your little gift
She's beautiful
I feel like all is better when we kiss
She's smarter than your son and everything I hadn't worked to be…
and I know you did that purposely
I guess this letter serves as knowledge of my growth
Cause had this been '06 I probably never would've wrote
Momma you all I see when people ask me how I write
And you all I ever feel when I step into those lights

So lemme speak to you
Track Name: Beautifullest Things
The most beautifullest thing in the world is a new mother
cradling her baby girl, or a
Young father teaching how to be a man
and how we can't control the things that we don't understand
It's beautiful, seeing elder couples holding hands
To know that type of love is something definitely in my plans
I've watched a thousand videos on music and it's essence
And its absolutely beautiful to stand before its presence
I think the beauty in a young adult developing is seeing
mental growth occur with how they choose to settle things
I'm hella proud when I see beauty in my eyes
Just to know that I'm around to witness age of 25
It's a lot more beautiful to see your low a prize
And a lot more of you to do to be what you decide
And the top sorta usual alone up there forever
But a lot more beautiful if each of us together


It's all beautiful, look it's all beautiful
The juice worth the squeeze, tell your girl she all fruitiful
It's all passionate, freedom fighting advocates
So tell your neighbor to chill if he ain't having it
We party solely for the miracle of life
Throwing testaments at witnesses and wearing only white
It's beautiful making it apparent for these types
When they boys be saying shit like, 'you aint hearing homie right'
Just check the method its the simplest of diagrams
Keeping what's important, no resorting here to violence
Silence, let us hear them beatifullest violins
Playing for them people we done lost throughout them higher sins
I watch the news and my soul becomes distraught
Over crimes committed basically on what somebody's taught
Survival of the fittest and it seems to be the usual
But still I think it's all beautiful

Track Name: O'shit
Microphone check, 1-2, 1-2
Trillo coming out your tape deck, who brung you?
I done busted out your place with the cash in hand and
they aint even built a case for my factions man
Kicking guerrilla war tactics
Taking over Earth while it's spinning on it's axis
Trillo killin verses and shittin on your absence
Former Chino residence the evidence is captioned,
be sure to bring your glasses
Shoulda been here, who the fuck you sleeping on
If you was in porno you the role that's getting skeeted on
Speaking on a facial, tell your girl she needed more
I swear she act a dime when really though she just a four
She say her favorite line is still the only one she knows
The one that I just wrote to single out the biggest hos
Ain't a ting for da raps but I, still furtha
Only two words for the fire, kill murda

I'm on my T-R-I-double-L-O shit
Sparking up another little L, oh shit
No shit mother fucker, this is no hope shit

Got me feeling like a young ass Kobe with the fro
Yeah you know B, taking Eddie Jones' seat
Wearing 8 and balling, shooting jumpers from the floor seats
Courtesy reverses through the lane for what they owe me
Stupid bitches, I aint have to have a Shaq
Put me right between the kicks and I ain't have to have a map
Hope you bought your season tix Im coming back with acid raps
And a whole lotta chances for these rappers talking smack
This my presidential run
Doing numbers out in LA, seeing presidential funds
Taking digits like Im swooping bricks out of ya stash spot
I'm riding till I hear it's last stop, so the wraps's off
Cast off, tell 'em back off or the track's off
I'm more or less an indica they more a crack rock
I'm sorta like the quarterback they more of a mascot
It's capital and bitches, got that shit on the caps lock


I'ma chief rocka number one chief rocka
The gun keep popping Ima bump Pete Rock'a
The one keep choppas on the run chief proper
I keep it intact, in fact its brand new
Playing dirty so a young'n can't lose, it's round 2
They tried to find the fake and guess they found you
I'm security and finna bounce you…so bounce dude
A lil midget on the scene is how I perfectly envision how y'all living
in my dreams
It's a natural indifference
Witnessing magnificence
Trillo kick it nice is what the general consensus is
Existential word selection centerfold my emphasis
Sense and science synthesis explain all the pretentiousness
So serve a plate and show me manners
'Tis the season for the come up, guess who's Santa?

Track Name: Toy Houses
So gimmie my beats, let me just write
Lemme learn to love, lemme just Life
Given one week, I live it like a last
So every time I speak, it's knowledge from the past

And if I wasn't deep, so deep in a world of hate
I guess I'd, be the brightest of them stars in space
So lemme, give your sister just a little teach
And your, brother said he couldn't wait to meet
I favor timing as my weapon
If ever destiny is stepping
I throw some bass up in this ruckus
And serve a flow to do her justice
Why can't a man fall free, ain't our lowest points in life the lessons all need?
Hang out with these lowest lifes and watch them all sink
'Cause they don't let they soul divide amongst all things
God damnit I've arrived
24 years and now I'm stretching 25
Constantly on death but yet it makes me feel alive
So living looking like its only better when I try
This isn't venting anymore, I swear its just the preference I adore
Used to be tearing through the crease
and now it's therapy to me


All wishes to the very best of y'all
Just know that your decisions keeps your energy involved
Unless the message vivid gotta learn through when you fall
So once you have the difference its your time to take it all
As for me, it's a process
I'm working through these luminescent objects
Tryna find the moon, I'm pressing conquests
Above my only fears is where I digress
A little tired…my face reflects my lows so its a little better higher
I could've but I shouldn't have to face this shit alone
Unless a different path can promise me to take me home
I live addicted to the rhythms, injected several inks into my written
Religion taught me how to never be faithless,
but music taught me where my personal faith is
I find it resting in the moss
Between the kick and snare is where I'm resting all my thoughts
Included was the woman who could never be replaced
I know exactly what she'd say

Track Name: Concepts
My concept is so complex
Like a snitch bitch out of jail, I won't tell
Who I, where I, took a look up in that mirror
Found the devil meddling
Damnit that's unsettling
Well fuck him, and fuck you too
Cause all responses from the truth is who the fuck, who you?
What's a nuisance, Im 'bout to lose it on this shit
Know what, fuck it no I won't
Give me 14 instrumentals and a large amount of dro
Bitches pause around the throne, and they calling that a margin
looking awesome in my robes
Semi-ballin must've fallen from a foster founded home
Brains is swellin' ain't no telling if I'm God around this ho
So dance, I fancy thoughts of moving to my beats
Hand me hand-me-downs it's classy how I use that shit for weeks
And rock a motha fuckin rhythm like it's Friday, Friday
A buck fifty on that highway, highway

3 cops, 2 feds, 1 duffy, this like
3 Pacs, 2 Bigs, 1 Puffy, I might
Kill the game like its something that I thought out
To those of y'all who doubt it, eat your motha fuckin heart out

My concept is too complex
Third strike for these rappers now, who's on deck?
Take a wild guess
Blowing loud sess
Fullest action, wylyin' out while Trillo stay relaxing
Fascists, y'all contemporary thoughts
Peep my secondary, legendary Pan-Ameri cross
Cross back cross back,
whatever y'all be bumping in clubs we off that
Tims, we off that
Rims, we off that
Whenever y'all be throwing them dubs we off that
Praise Allah our father mighty, follow all almighty dollars
Sensing worst things, sensi-herb for them tings

Id blow a hundred grand if I had it, all on magic
Hoping I could turn a mofucker to a habit
And I don't want 1's, 20's, 50's
1-double-0, I want Bens, Savage
So gimmie just a little time with a beat
Ill turn that mofucker from a lion to beast
Gotta eat when your tummy aint at peace, my God
Best meal homie had in weeks by far
White walls, all up in the mix
Finna put a couple hos in this bitch
Cooperated might drop the tape, made of honey from the
buzzing Ill proceed to make
So lemme at it Im a grown ass man, you the wrong type
Y'all be looking like a little bitch on prom night
Slick slack fitted to the waste, jet blue
You an artist or a sellout? Choose.
I don't really fuck with all that
I don't really phone a suit 'till a mofucker call back
Aint no need for me to fall back
Levitated seeing snakes in the game, I paused that
This a little flow deep in the riddle couple sheep in the middle but
the flock look all black
So tell me what a lone man to do,
I'm with the devil moving dancing shoes and fuck that
Just gimmie all the land, all the land to the east
So I can plant fields of lyrically-fed beats
Put me on the stage with a half stack set,
tell a record exec I'm tryna mess with his head
Spit a bit more real, how a broke man feel on the bottom
with a little bit of Pac at his heels
Im tryna kick it like Im lasting time
Y'all mofuckers kick it half the time, so what's real?
Track Name: I'm a Fool
She got a little class, watching her hips clash
A little soul, when letting her fears go
And this, free style that's calming the streets down
She's that gracious type that hates the hype
I see her lay up on that leather couch sideways
Praying she don't ever leave for history or God's sake
Mind state beauty, drives me crazy every day
So when I say I love you, what's a fool supposed to say?


So vibe with me, tell me how you want it
I'ma use the God in me
I think that ain't nobody move it quite like you, it's got me
hoping ain't nobody else your rhythm would choose


It's whatever you like, whatever you like,
whatever them people do in the night
You gotta know, baby we should play this game for two
Track Name: Campfire
Mothafucka Im ill, a lot worst
A frail frame and Im awkward
My brain is a campfire, surrounded by demons and vampires
I shouldn't be winning this, according to several percentages
Ive counted my weapons and manpower,
decided Im working advanced hours
Im ill, Im plagued with how I feel
Like life aint worth it living just for dollar bills
But on that same note, ambitions for me aint broke
Im Brooklyn ballin in rhymes, and rich in halos
See aint no difference if time was doing cartwheels
Just keep my sickness in line with how my heart feels
Coordinated designs in time I let go
Only to find Im living divine upon the threshold
of life in it's entirety, entirely caught
Witnessed the lows of self-impeachment through the fires Ive walked
Distraught indeed Ive deemed it necessary helping the lost
So, Im feeling ill every time that I talk

Sometimes Im feeling ill, sometimes Im feeling crossed
Sometimes Im feeling good, that I could feel this lost
Sometimes Im feeling broke, sometimes Im feeling paid
Sometimes I feel I smoke, to push the pain away
So tell me if Im lost
or tell me if Im ill

Through sickness and in health, this music keeps me listening
Ive traveled so far from my mind, defeated distances
So what the difference is, is nothing y'all can pay me
Definitely determined in making miracles daily
So look…just me and my team, writing these sentences
selling my dreams
Tell em Im puttin in work for the movement and telling our
nemesis fuck what they think
Cause they go'n be bumping that same shit,
so fuck all the people they came with
Im sick in my lips and Im anxious,
and rapping becoming my language
So what that sound like?
Will I put it down like, "Wuddup
lemme spit some stupid shit and tell that brown dyke shuddup"
Or keep my pride intact
Until a hater hear that clap,
and hear that kick and hear that flow and be like,
"Yeah, CJ's back…"

Track Name: Outro/Your Turn
One time for the lady on the left, who put money on her house
180 on the 'Vette
Works a damn hard job in the middle of the street,
putting money in the bank buying shoes for her feet
One time for the homie on the right, had a baby momma early
but committed to her life
Spends his hours on his girl, anything she'd fancy
Puts his money in his faith and his trust in his family
Two times for the aunt we know,
struggling to keep faith
and her pride afloat
55 years old with the mind of a young'n,
barely realized that time aint nothing
Three times for the best of life,
gotta figure out your own is the best advice
So the living I condone gotta take you higher
Doing everything you love in your heart's desires
14 drinks to my next of kin
Black, White, Puerto-Rican, Mexican
Asian in the mix so they sets again
Throw it up, throw it up for the rest of men
Gotta spit a hundred bars just to paint the picture
We all in it together, so in case I missed you
Nobody's the same it's against our will
so take a listen to the beat, and tell me how you feel:

(Your turn)