Daydreaming (Won't Wait)

from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Jim IE
Mastered by Irving Artero


DAYDREAMING / this aint my first go / still i would like to introduce you to the new flow / newest soul / you old / just let me paint this vivid picture for your brain / i was eighteen, blackest night / with pseudos in my veins / i fell asleep questioned where to put my efforts / but dreamt about the answer, that’s why im rapping on these records / i am livid from these gimmicks / i aint finished, googled timid / clicked and printed / now im opposite of everything thats in it / can i get a minute / let me live it however i feel is fitted / my record spinning consistent / still a broke boy / my lyrics laid over keys, im selling dope boy / these rappers still on they knees / thats why they choke boy / aint no assumptions, ive readjusted my flow / did nothing all of yall do, and everything that yall dont / impressive how less aggressive my image is sectioned off / if writing’s poetic bullets these rappers weapons is off / where the cockpit / lemme fly this game the right direction / deflecting infectious lames, i serve as the lights protection / thats word to jesus / and damn it feels amazing / to put together these pieces with puzzling sanitation / im clean / do it now, imma do it now / i wont wait, no i wont wait / tell them i wont wait no more / i done came through with that deep shit / dropped the tape and yall peeped it / confident but aint peaked yet / compensation aint reached yet / they aint written on check / what the fuck is they reason yall / i guess, mofuckers be sleeping dog / mofucker need to feast / hold up, tell the waiter can i tip / mofucker knee deep / hold up, tell a hater can i live / seen the lights now / like a dope addict put the pipe down / only me and my team finna split the dough / rest yall people finna get a show / been a ghost, folded close / now i kick dope for the golden coast / how i switch beats so emotional / and yall switch feet / dosey do / dont fix me / put me in the box and ill break out with broom and a mop / saying, ‘clean yall shit up clap your hands’ / new workout, new dance


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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