from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Jim IE
Mastered by Irving Artero


GODSON / im doing what i should while these bitches think its naptime / i feel like tiger woods in a caddy on the back nine / only smoking good and you mofuckers know it / if i wish somebody would then im only asking for it / hunnit ice cold bitches swaying at my shows / and i aint gotta tell ‘em how to bust it / they know / if i feel a little high, aint no guessing where ill land / probably balling from the court while you stressing from the stands / lemme talk my shit / supreme, watch me calculate my needs / might just moderate your teams / while i populate my dreams / aint no off switch for this moshpit / no downgrade from this boss shit / throw a couple hunnit at the club in the process / im feeling like this rap shit needs me / laid her on the mattress easy / told her just to bust it by herself / said she’d do it for the money / told her, ‘do it for your health’ / these rappers think its cake, they trippin / thats how you wind up on that milkbox missing / feet up on the dash while you still caught slipping / feel like michael woopin ass and you still scott pippen / bills might kick in but we never want to say that / ghost ride whippin, where my bitches from the bay at / east coast telling me they vibe real different / and them south mofuckers say they rides still tippin / couldnt see or feel it like the kid deaf, blind / all these artists represent / might as well rep mines / metaphorically they pistols im a fuckin tech nine / i just do it by myself / and i do it just fine / a million dollars couldnt change my opportunities, my wallet’s never holding cash, usually / still awesome, god damnit im awesome / im godfather, you godson / girl say she a dime but she say that she aint fuckin with me / i think that her sister’s sorta fine but her cousin iffy / i might lay a verse up on this record just to ball / get high enough for space, drop a second just to fall / killing every microphone upon my first breath / i got money on your talents / never took a worst bet / i trip off on how i balance, all i do is nose gold / asian bitch from pasadena called her dome rose bowl / money aint the issue we could clear whats in the air / i could have a bigger house / honestly i wouldnt care / i just want enough to chill but you searching for them mills / rather change a million lives homie thats just how i feels / me, im moving fast like a god damn cheetah / if you fiending for that real, this the god damn re-up / seen the other grass it aint really whats the best / bunch of princes selling out and thats word to jazzy jeff / if i ever step, know its only for respect / im just taking what is mines, aint my fault it nothings left / put my foot up on the peddle, hundred-twenty in the streets / rather friendly out in public but a devil in the sheets / peace to my old shit, handled it in my way / faith up in myself got me feeling like im yahweh / bitches in the buick finna let the sour blow / aint no other way to do it then to get it how i know


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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