from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Jim IE
Mastered by Irving Artero


INTRO / its about damn time i should blow / land mines with the flow / took a second, got the sun in, just to shine on your ho / pimp a hundred thousand lyrics selling verses to the fiends / heres the door / you a fuckin padlock, im the keys / im a beast, you the beef / you the burger and the cheese / you the victim i intend / im the murder and the piece / im unheard of but a little less subtle in the streets / played a concert for the kids just to show them who to be / damnit, its my time homie / if all you talk is record deals i decline homie / my cousin say its overdue and he aint lying homie / went and took a year off in the booth, thats just the grind homie / i wanted peace / but yall aint really ‘bout it with the shits / busy boning thuggin rappers peeling back banana clips / i aint talking ‘bout a gun, i aint talking ‘bout gats / why you talking ‘bout yourself, i aint talking ‘bout that / im a cold young mac, flip my middle finger thoroughly / yall thinking with your dicks / i be thinking ‘bout it neurally / so clearly ahead of any rapper selling highs / i do quitely the truth, saw somebody yelling lies / i dont hear it / nah i dont play that shit / ive written lyrics, tell somebody play that bitch / i want the tour bus lowered sitting on some 24’s / yeah i know, aint expected but i get in where i chose / got me low, flying high / yall be opposite of that / trillo flow, beat dry / yall know opposites attract / i want sixteen bars straight planted on a bitch / a lot of weed, a lot of liquor how i manage through this shit


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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