Last Names (Ft Krews)

from by CJ Trillo



Featuring Krews

Produced by Jim IE
Mastered by Irving Artero


LAST NAMES / hustle mofuckas for a brick / smoke a little somethin for the fam / i just always tell ‘em how it is / and now they sayin, ‘trillo you the man’ / working for the all night stunt / playing for the crowd in my set / killin every beat from the jump / aint no tellin who im gunnin for next / six shots to the chest in my cup / you silly mofuckers gotta feel it / took a listen to the rapper next up / and told that mofucker i dont feel it / given all the time in the world / i tell ‘em whats a month to a mac / jimmie whippin wheels in the front / and carlos rollin blunts in the back / i aint change for you / kill a hundred freaky bitches in the game for you / wrote a verse and started fires in the rain for you / fuck a record in a second i just came for you / i feel like i might blow / i ball like im mike though / my life fro and your life braided / my ice cold and your ice jaded / real shit, yall mofuckers sounding like you only feel dick / yall still bitch, and im grown now / told your babymama she could take me home now / i aint ever ask for shit / my mask off now you got a mofucker goin bath salts / i aint make the cut but im past it / the only mofucker here undrafted / if you dont like my last name dont download my mixtape / if you dont like my mixtape dont come through to my shows / (krews) im the man with it / say a couple words, couple grand with it / you a hater and a fan with it / i kept it real from the jump then i ran with it / girl imma fuck you right since your man didnt / she want king krews fly never land with it / and imma get it right since the plan didnt / fall through right, right now im just playin with it / undrafted little nigga this a classic / when from the bench to the game went in basket bastard passed it pastor talking pass the blunt yall front / yall pussies plastic, fake fucks / i put in work little nigga taylor / took my style little nigga pay up / always down to sign niggas stay up / wait up, kill the game ‘till they all pay us / cj, man that my boy from way back / pull it spit bullet all into your wave cap / spray that / AK-47 say brraat / nigga i dont wanna say that / gross / east coast to the west coast / when im out in cali got the best dro / she say, ‘damn krews heard you got the best flow’ / well i heard you got the best throat / lets go


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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