from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Jim IE
Mastered by Irving Artero


LIGHTS / i think i may have seen the lights / last night i had a dream and know ill never see it twice / so i guess its up to me to never call it suicide / when i give music my soul until the second that i die / i am so sincere / know i spend my time alone / always contemplating feelings, all these feelings that ive known / i am own / i am legend / i am home / i am second to nobody, tell somebody grab the reverend / (forgive me father for i have sinned, its been about six years since my last confession) / if this is something from the cold / this is something that i need / this is something from my soul / this is something that i bleed / go and tell a mofucker that i finally see the lights / if second chances real, go and promise me for life / you go’n make if if nobody ever get to see your right / tell somebody everything and tell them mofuckers like / i think i may have seen the lights / its just a little different now i finally see it right / they tell me what it isnt but it isnt me inside / isnt me inside / its just a little different when it visits me at night / think i may have seen the lights / i love my beats, i love my fam / i want a love like peace, a love like lands / i really hate my fears but love my jams / and though it might take years i love my plans / i want a milli for my father putting work in his life / a hundred thousand for my sisters putting work in the night / a couple houses for the homies and they cup full of ice / see just a little bit of knowledge put me up in them lights / im here to stay / this is something for them overlooked depressed who know regret / lost life lights to games with no reset / shot back twice from pains and known defects / who feeling like the world wont even notice that we left / i feel your trials, understand your tribulations / did it for miles, second guessed continuations / but stayed a while, finally found a foundation / then built this mofucker from the basement / basic, following my light show filler / had to face it / couldnt ever type no realer / i aint change shit / i just see the lights more clear / so tell the world a mofucker here / and if wasnt writing feelings id be somewhere in the moss / amongst the dirt and cemeteries feeling hella lost / the cost in which i pay is what i paid to write these songs / but if im right between the music then its right to write my wrongs / i know i cant be nobody else, but i want to be somebody


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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