Much Amaze

from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Jim IE
Mastered by Irving Artero


MUCH AMAZE / who you know fresher than j / riddle me that / most yall looking like literally whack / dumbed down bars so this is silliest raps / automatic flowing i swear im killin them fast / gotta kick it like a mofuckin shanghai switch / tell ‘em play it loud so they bang my shit / i dont peep that bitch / seen a mofucker hating from a cheap ass whip / told him, ‘fuck yall doing’ / im only headed up / where the fuck yall moving / find me in a rut with a bad bitch woman tryna cut / i dont really give a what what, can i get a / my brains is massive / i dont change for the change but i change the address / on a plane imma reign supreme / got this rap shit flowing from the veins i bleed / cold blooded / blew up by myself without no budget / looking at my bank account like oh fuck it / maybe if i bank on how im so rugged / imma ball ‘till a mofucker six feet deep / on the walls with the words sayin, ‘just peep me’ / little homie, just peep me / now say it / trillo on that dope shit see / could’ve been a doctor / could’ve been a chemist / could’ve been a tupac version of a dentist / whole point written in the skies if i die tonight / im accountable for that so im liable right / imma take shit like aint none given / whip wheels upgraded to a range from a civic / gettin brain like books no hook on a track / im a big dick dog you the puss or the ass / pause / throwing hate god damnit / imma finish before you even start the race god damnit / god damnit / you bitch, bitch make me a sammich / least that or a little bit of head / either tied up in yall or a little bit ahead / i aint feeling remorse for the course i endorse so of course im on a ruthless game / wanted a porsche to enforce how i morph to a god so of course i want it roofless mane / kick a little bit of dope-done-da-da / wildlife africa bambata / make a nun show me her titties for one dollar / make a ho give up the pussy for one follow / i want a money machine / i want a million riding with me throwin money for me / i want a honey serving liquor to my money regime / i see you hating but you really looking funny to me / its just a little bit of pimp when i write like this / i divided all the pussy for a night like this / im a dog, took a mofuckin bite like this / i define it west coast living life like this / i aint want much just one chain homie / women wanna fuck my name homie / squad going up, dont change homie / can i get a what, one thing homie


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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