Real Talk

from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Jim IE
Mastered by Irving Artero


REAL TALK / i want gold chains, gold teeth / gold cars with gold seats / platinum and diamond fitted cuffs up on my rollie / police never there / bad bitches everywhere / but if it take away my art and my heart becomes something i never wear / i want real raps, real talk / i wanna build fast, steel rock / i want all the cards, deal them off / i want real talk / real talk, fuck yall / if yall dont like me, blow me / thats what a man once told me / kick it like kanobe / killing every true villian / got a girl up in the mirror with me / thats why im trying to use feelings / got the whole world hearing me / and they be like, ‘ooo kill ‘em’ / thats what im about man / gotta chop suey rage against this system and im shaolin / thats vow man / thats true shit, thats gospel / and this new shit so liable / to make everything i dream possible / i mean yeah, im asian, aint raised in no hood / never killed a man, never sold bricks and my steering wheel it aint wood / i got no stacks, i got real debt, i got history with that devil / i been real low so this good weed go’n compensate for my levels / throwin twenties, throwin hundreds / how i mange through the most / throwin twenties, throwin hundreds / god damnit, now im broke / see thats that shit i dont like / real talk / thats that shit yall dont write / armed and dangerous / bitch mofuckers dont hang with us / say you in the trap bitch same as us / same as us / im slave to my craft, chain ‘em up / say my name i appear like, ‘aye wsup’ / i got tired of your shit so i changed it up / with real raps, real talk / i wanna build fast, steel rock / i want all the cards, deal them off / i want real talk / ice cold, thought process michael / jackson, jordan, psycho / aint shit / seen the game flip / throwin money at an artist with a blank check / like literally blank / and a CEO make literally bank / im sorta really thankful for this independent shit / started from the bottom with a pen ‘n shit / now its penmanship / seen the rules to the game and i bent that shit / im head-first / yall knee-deep / i say shit / and they retweet / yall recently been acting like some jealous ass hos / talking shit / strictly coming from your jealous asshole / im a pimp / thats real talk / told that ho, ‘pop it ‘till your mofuckin heels off’ / grab your girl plus her friends / hope they twerk it through the night / spending strip club dollars like she working here tonight / see thats that shit i dont like / club songs / thats that shit i dont write / so give me that real / give me that truth / give me that gangster shit that yall do / give me that paint the picture so new / played your old shit, its so you / heard your last shit and thought what the fuck / shits lame bruh / you all about money / so we are not the same bruh


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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