Tell The Truth

from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Jim IE
Mixed by Irving Artero


TELL THE TRUTH / tell the truth, do you like it when i rap / would you say its sounding like the finest when i rap / would you vibe with me at a show / or show a little love when i finally get to blow / tell the truth, do you see me as a hack / and feel a little lost when you listen to my tracks / i aint hating i just wanted your opinion / to tell the truth i feel like rap is my dominion / i break bread / so tell me if i shouldnt / i want truth, tell me if you think i couldnt / make a living off of saying how i feel / and change a couple lives by portraying what is real / is it naive, just tell me something true / just tell me how to kick it, tell me how to get to you / tell how you feeling, show me how to make a change / i want a tip dog, tell me what to say / this is where i bleed poems sounding like a service / courts like raps homie tell me whats the verdict / i wanted mass appeal / but they aint really dig your flowing if the facts is real / how strange / im switching what ive said / if i had to tell the truth its like a demon in my head / i treat a verse like a lady in the booth / and i never wanted checks homie pay me by the truth / tell the truth if you just like me, tell me if you want to get like me / tell me everything you know, just tell me whats the issue and ill show you how to grow / tell the truth if you just like me, tell me if you want to get like me / tell me everything you do, i do it from the soul so i swear to tell the truth / tell the truth girl do you think im lying / you think im frontin when i tell you that im trying / i wanted peace sweetie, tell me how to meditate / i want a house ‘cause i know you love to decorate / just be honest / tell me if i bug / tell me how to kiss, show me how to make love / order what you want, never worry ‘bout the bill / and if you give me the tools then ill show you how to build / to tell the truth i see you so alive / putting pussy on a pedestal is basically a lie / people preach that when they never find truth / and i bet they’d understand if they ever met you / me and my ambition finna put us on the map / but i know you want it too so im only doing half / this is how im feeling, this is how i keep it running / tell me if its right ‘cause i know you keep it hunnit / you know me bar for bar / you know i wanna play a show and pack it wall to wall / you wanna fly out / take out a map and react / ill tell you just to pick a place, ‘cause we going to that / i wanna see you succeed / i wanna see you at the top, want to see how you dream / tell me just a little truth / tell me what you believe / how you manage being blessed / tell me how do you breathe / you the word / to be honest, got me hooked on phonics / aint nobody seeing what i see, im on it / you the gin to my tonic / from the brim to the bottom / a little honesty is honestly the best / and the way you looking now putting honesty to rest / i swear you killin the game / and honestly i want to put a little trill in your name


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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