The Outro

from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Jim IE
Mastered by Irving Artero


THE OUTRO / what, you go’n tell me about life / like i dont know that shit / i got dirt in these hands / what you think im finna hold that shit / nope / if i let go, im left with what / fuck it i just might test my luck / ‘cause every other situation got me catching up / let me lead for a bit / let me pour out my soul / let me bleed for a bit / i’ve spent too much time in the middle of the night / writing lyrics in the dark, sharing stories of the light / where the grass grow deep and the fans dont sleep / and the love for the game finna carry me to heights / i aint ever told no lie / seen a broke man smile from the streets / i started crying and i dont know why / is it empathy / or the fact that i never really can proceed / to help out with a hand and some money for the dude / tell him, faith only something for the real and true / thats trill / i feel it in my birthname / and that’s real / i been looking, hoping, searching / i found god in a kick and a snare / and that’s perfect / thats perfect, ive been real low and thats perfect / thats perfect, ive seen both sides and thats perfect / thats perfect, ive felt foolish and thats perfect / thats perfect, it built music and thats perfect / i get no sleep on them weekdays / so cheers to the weekend / if i fall short of my dreams, heres to the deep-end / look boy / you aint gotta wear your heart on a sleeve just so everybody see / this is your life / this is your goddamn right / try and live a little first, got to remember how to breathe / and my women / i aint even gotta preach the code / you a star in a flick by itself / im just praying that you keep the role / got to focus, work the system / yall the reason why i write words of wisdom / my mother, and i love her / and she’s the reason why i write perfect / isn’t it / when will i know now / just give me a sign / i sing from my soul now / to free up my mind / my heart’s like a boulder / and it wont go away / im so much more older / and ive just set my pace / no wasting my days


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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