from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Jim IE
Mastered by Irving Artero


2012 / still spittin that same shit / should have blown up / my raps they dont change / its real talk, sho ‘nuff / if yall just praying on somebodys knees / thats why i should the seventh letter, put this album out for free / geez homie / in high school i lit the weed homie / the fuck happened to me / i washed the smoke from my sweaters / now blood drip from my writtens / yall fuck around like some pussies / thats why your mixtapes is kittens / and snuggle rap like some mittens / i fucked around and got good / thats why your whole circle bumping me as loud as they should / my family crowded my hood / then went and blew up your spot / no roc-a-fella affiliation still i threw up that roc / cause diamonds aint for just them rappers went and signed to a label / im willing working my table / my precious mind is unable / to see me see you mofuckers call me backpack rap shit / trillo rappin angry thats that bap bap bap shit / see i dont wanna get like that / and you dont wanna fret like that / i just want a little bit of money and respect mofucka yeah it just like that / jet like that / hit up everybody in the game cause im coming for they fame / no bank but i cant complain / its so same the same / i wont change mofucker yeah it get like that / left like that / coast shit im all west like that / coat shit she too wet like that / no snitch i dont sweat like that / just like that / if trillo speaking that which isnt truth / then jesus taking cover low while satan shooting from the roof / see i aint really into talking shit / but plenty people put me in that box, so now yall got me pissed / i feel like space jam mike shootin bricks from the back / i started slowly now my game is good enough for that draft / yall mofuckers got me only bumpin me in the whip / i feel like two-thousand & twelve / it’s sucka free in this bitch / just give me more and i can promise yall that mass appeal / these microphone facts heavy and this cash could kill / its so ironic, this pressure is moving me like techtonics / i jump on it and its only a second until i pawn it / i done flown it, aint a second or detail that i can omit / spittin vomit, killin verses for trophies so now i own it / this is perhaps indeed the realest shit i wrote / got me feeling like perhaps i am the realest dick for throats / so fuck it, bust a nut on every single rap in which i wrote / sitting high above these clouds as if that pastor sniffing coke / fuck is up


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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