by CJ Trillo



released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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Track Name: Intro
INTRO / its about damn time i should blow / land mines with the flow / took a second, got the sun in, just to shine on your ho / pimp a hundred thousand lyrics selling verses to the fiends / heres the door / you a fuckin padlock, im the keys / im a beast, you the beef / you the burger and the cheese / you the victim i intend / im the murder and the piece / im unheard of but a little less subtle in the streets / played a concert for the kids just to show them who to be / damnit, its my time homie / if all you talk is record deals i decline homie / my cousin say its overdue and he aint lying homie / went and took a year off in the booth, thats just the grind homie / i wanted peace / but yall aint really ‘bout it with the shits / busy boning thuggin rappers peeling back banana clips / i aint talking ‘bout a gun, i aint talking ‘bout gats / why you talking ‘bout yourself, i aint talking ‘bout that / im a cold young mac, flip my middle finger thoroughly / yall thinking with your dicks / i be thinking ‘bout it neurally / so clearly ahead of any rapper selling highs / i do quitely the truth, saw somebody yelling lies / i dont hear it / nah i dont play that shit / ive written lyrics, tell somebody play that bitch / i want the tour bus lowered sitting on some 24’s / yeah i know, aint expected but i get in where i chose / got me low, flying high / yall be opposite of that / trillo flow, beat dry / yall know opposites attract / i want sixteen bars straight planted on a bitch / a lot of weed, a lot of liquor how i manage through this shit
Track Name: Conscious
CONSCIOUS / my stream of conscious has gotten so much worst / ive grown accustomed but didnt trust it at first / the more im living the more im feeling im lost / i wanted to give my soul but kept forgetting the cost / my special woman is growing more every day / i swear i keep overlooking the subtle shit that she say / had a conversation with her / asked her, ‘what you want’ / she spoke with a quiet voice, ‘ i want to be free of wants’ / shit, took a second just to comprehend / my biggest compliment was always using common sense / but once you take your past lessons and apply to life / i think you start becoming someone that you might’ve liked / so stay with me, all of my shit is monstrous, all of my shit is mainstream, all of my shit is conscious / im feeling light, like we been here before / so i aint gotta speak on heavy / i done did it before / i done did it with trill / i did it all in the past / and volume one was just a taste of what i wanted to ask / do yall feel me / tell me for real, do yall feel me / half tank up on this hill, would yall feel me / flat broke up on this stage do yall feel me / i said flat broke up on this stage do yall feel me / i done dined with the devil / deal in the works / he told me heaven gotta pop / so im feeling to burst / i aint worried ‘bout a flop, cause im still on this earth / my competitions looking foul so im stealing it first / i ran it home, i dont change i just grow into life / its evidently my own stadium, im showing the lights / this mental marriage got my whole squad throwing this rice / i feel it deep within my bones, thats how i know when its right / so stay with me, all of my shit is monstrous, all of my shit is mainstream, all of my shit is conscious / i wrote again ‘cause i thought, ‘fuck it, its your birthday’ / i wanna talk instead of giving you this wordplay / like, straight up / i been feeling these things / like im slowly getting closer now to seeing my dreams / become reality shows and shows all on my schedule / the tour bus got 8 screens and hot tea on the kettle / im trying to level with the fact that i aint got you alive / but you know music keep me working like i got me a job / i put in work, this work feeling like its writing itself / i saw your pic the other day and took that shit off the shelf / slipped the frame in my pocket / now i carry you with me / got people asking ‘bout your name, i told the world that it’s Cindy / i use your memory for good to preach of lessons in love / i hold my anger in contempt and only stretch for a hug / i know at times i lose myself / you bring me right back around / if all was lost i’d have to say, it once was but its found
Track Name: YYC
YYC / my family says they never really doubted me / i called my dad to ask him if id blow / he said, ‘undoubtedly’ / my little sisters homies throwing dubs / showed everywhere ive ever played a show and showed me love / this my mofuckin good shit / still street but aint hood shit / no ear for that bullshit / i got new dreams for this rap shit / whole game like mapquest / no d-i-e, wont see i.d. / got the world watching, imma be ali / so can i kick it, plenty people counting on the flow and im super with it, million minutes, dedicated to finish, everything that i promised my family from the beginning / i approach, i approach / i been dead in that dirt, found a purpose so i arose / i suppose this my thesis / working all that real pain away / shook hands with jesus / said a real man will pave the way / gotta move shit, gotta be the pop who go’n do shit / so this new shit reflect my hunger / need a restaurant / got the best spot, ‘till the weblock / or this shit twist like dreadlocks / finna fuck the game, we in wedlock / so if the ho wanna leave, ‘bett not / bitch, ive been working all night / let your man pay the bills with this work i put in life / aint no right, aint no wrong / aint no justice for my songs / im just feeling like this shit will put me on / im on / so can i kick it, plenty people counting on the flow and im super with it, million minutes, dedicated to finish, everything that i promised my family from the beginning / dollar bills on good weed in boxes / stay cautious / gotta push back when they moshpit / cause they not shit / mofucker they not shit / throw a right hook, then a left jab / mofucker just dropkick / my cockpit like ‘94 / pac shit for that west coast / dogg pound and that death row / daft punk but no techno / yall got me feeling like this world aint mine / like them skies aint blue and my woman aint a dime / id be lying if i said i wasnt scheming on the low / finna tell the world my stories, buy a ticket for my show / this i know, this i bleed / this my poem for my seed / this is everything my momma said id be / so can i kick it, plenty people counting on the flow and im super with it, million minutes, dedicated to finish, everything that i promised my family from the beginning / if aint nobody with me when i die / i hope my body finish sitting high / and never in no thoughts of suicide / but know one day my soul will soon divide / hands on the wheel / stereo bump / drinks in the whip / weed in the trunk / boss shit OG’s gotta like / got ‘em saying, ‘oh ceej on the mic’ / its gorgeous, and cant nobody touch my shit / homie im flawless / and i woke up like this
Track Name: 2012
2012 / still spittin that same shit / should have blown up / my raps they dont change / its real talk, sho ‘nuff / if yall just praying on somebodys knees / thats why i should the seventh letter, put this album out for free / geez homie / in high school i lit the weed homie / the fuck happened to me / i washed the smoke from my sweaters / now blood drip from my writtens / yall fuck around like some pussies / thats why your mixtapes is kittens / and snuggle rap like some mittens / i fucked around and got good / thats why your whole circle bumping me as loud as they should / my family crowded my hood / then went and blew up your spot / no roc-a-fella affiliation still i threw up that roc / cause diamonds aint for just them rappers went and signed to a label / im willing working my table / my precious mind is unable / to see me see you mofuckers call me backpack rap shit / trillo rappin angry thats that bap bap bap shit / see i dont wanna get like that / and you dont wanna fret like that / i just want a little bit of money and respect mofucka yeah it just like that / jet like that / hit up everybody in the game cause im coming for they fame / no bank but i cant complain / its so same the same / i wont change mofucker yeah it get like that / left like that / coast shit im all west like that / coat shit she too wet like that / no snitch i dont sweat like that / just like that / if trillo speaking that which isnt truth / then jesus taking cover low while satan shooting from the roof / see i aint really into talking shit / but plenty people put me in that box, so now yall got me pissed / i feel like space jam mike shootin bricks from the back / i started slowly now my game is good enough for that draft / yall mofuckers got me only bumpin me in the whip / i feel like two-thousand & twelve / it’s sucka free in this bitch / just give me more and i can promise yall that mass appeal / these microphone facts heavy and this cash could kill / its so ironic, this pressure is moving me like techtonics / i jump on it and its only a second until i pawn it / i done flown it, aint a second or detail that i can omit / spittin vomit, killin verses for trophies so now i own it / this is perhaps indeed the realest shit i wrote / got me feeling like perhaps i am the realest dick for throats / so fuck it, bust a nut on every single rap in which i wrote / sitting high above these clouds as if that pastor sniffing coke / fuck is up
Track Name: Break I
BREAK 1 / a day one for this writing shit / i see my lyricism becoming forever more / forever if ever i couldnt show up for whats in store / dont blame it on how i live / just judge me from what i love / apparently its apparent i did it for what it was / this aint no conscious shit / but its a little common sense you on my conscious dick / im on my pontious shit / a pilot flying in the clouds / i pile drive a peter piper playing paper porter sounds / need a tape recorder, pal / play this back a year from now i wouldnt hear a single sound / just lemme back its been a minute / since a real rapper hit it / aint no city repping gimmicks / i purely pour it for art / and pray my people put me higher on the top of they charts / i see they minds and they hearts / i never set that apart / do yall feel it / speaking my hearts image / im authentic / baptized in a kick a snare / i rap lines so my vision is clear / track vibes for the sinister wear / its all black ‘till my penance is clear / minister’s here, where’d i go / you see this jedi flow / got me waiting at gate eight for a red-eye home / im impatient, i aint ate but i aint said i wont / i want a red hot roast, you know / im feeling antsy tonight / so raise your glass, i propose we do it fancy tonight / the regular retro / i went and got it, get-go / i live a lot to let go / the hate it dont effect though / what you mofuckers saying / i just been winning, i aint even notice i was playing / so much to drink that i aint even notice i was swaying / im played in, you played out / i saw when, you wait out / the rap-lock for the keys / my mask off i pass out and blast pac from the jeep / no rap god, just a prophet / yall rap bars just to profit / im just having what yall drinking / understand, this isnt hatred / im just saying what yall thinking
Track Name: Real Talk
REAL TALK / i want gold chains, gold teeth / gold cars with gold seats / platinum and diamond fitted cuffs up on my rollie / police never there / bad bitches everywhere / but if it take away my art and my heart becomes something i never wear / i want real raps, real talk / i wanna build fast, steel rock / i want all the cards, deal them off / i want real talk / real talk, fuck yall / if yall dont like me, blow me / thats what a man once told me / kick it like kanobe / killing every true villian / got a girl up in the mirror with me / thats why im trying to use feelings / got the whole world hearing me / and they be like, ‘ooo kill ‘em’ / thats what im about man / gotta chop suey rage against this system and im shaolin / thats vow man / thats true shit, thats gospel / and this new shit so liable / to make everything i dream possible / i mean yeah, im asian, aint raised in no hood / never killed a man, never sold bricks and my steering wheel it aint wood / i got no stacks, i got real debt, i got history with that devil / i been real low so this good weed go’n compensate for my levels / throwin twenties, throwin hundreds / how i mange through the most / throwin twenties, throwin hundreds / god damnit, now im broke / see thats that shit i dont like / real talk / thats that shit yall dont write / armed and dangerous / bitch mofuckers dont hang with us / say you in the trap bitch same as us / same as us / im slave to my craft, chain ‘em up / say my name i appear like, ‘aye wsup’ / i got tired of your shit so i changed it up / with real raps, real talk / i wanna build fast, steel rock / i want all the cards, deal them off / i want real talk / ice cold, thought process michael / jackson, jordan, psycho / aint shit / seen the game flip / throwin money at an artist with a blank check / like literally blank / and a CEO make literally bank / im sorta really thankful for this independent shit / started from the bottom with a pen ‘n shit / now its penmanship / seen the rules to the game and i bent that shit / im head-first / yall knee-deep / i say shit / and they retweet / yall recently been acting like some jealous ass hos / talking shit / strictly coming from your jealous asshole / im a pimp / thats real talk / told that ho, ‘pop it ‘till your mofuckin heels off’ / grab your girl plus her friends / hope they twerk it through the night / spending strip club dollars like she working here tonight / see thats that shit i dont like / club songs / thats that shit i dont write / so give me that real / give me that truth / give me that gangster shit that yall do / give me that paint the picture so new / played your old shit, its so you / heard your last shit and thought what the fuck / shits lame bruh / you all about money / so we are not the same bruh
Track Name: Daydreaming (Won't Wait)
DAYDREAMING / this aint my first go / still i would like to introduce you to the new flow / newest soul / you old / just let me paint this vivid picture for your brain / i was eighteen, blackest night / with pseudos in my veins / i fell asleep questioned where to put my efforts / but dreamt about the answer, that’s why im rapping on these records / i am livid from these gimmicks / i aint finished, googled timid / clicked and printed / now im opposite of everything thats in it / can i get a minute / let me live it however i feel is fitted / my record spinning consistent / still a broke boy / my lyrics laid over keys, im selling dope boy / these rappers still on they knees / thats why they choke boy / aint no assumptions, ive readjusted my flow / did nothing all of yall do, and everything that yall dont / impressive how less aggressive my image is sectioned off / if writing’s poetic bullets these rappers weapons is off / where the cockpit / lemme fly this game the right direction / deflecting infectious lames, i serve as the lights protection / thats word to jesus / and damn it feels amazing / to put together these pieces with puzzling sanitation / im clean / do it now, imma do it now / i wont wait, no i wont wait / tell them i wont wait no more / i done came through with that deep shit / dropped the tape and yall peeped it / confident but aint peaked yet / compensation aint reached yet / they aint written on check / what the fuck is they reason yall / i guess, mofuckers be sleeping dog / mofucker need to feast / hold up, tell the waiter can i tip / mofucker knee deep / hold up, tell a hater can i live / seen the lights now / like a dope addict put the pipe down / only me and my team finna split the dough / rest yall people finna get a show / been a ghost, folded close / now i kick dope for the golden coast / how i switch beats so emotional / and yall switch feet / dosey do / dont fix me / put me in the box and ill break out with broom and a mop / saying, ‘clean yall shit up clap your hands’ / new workout, new dance
Track Name: Much Amaze
MUCH AMAZE / who you know fresher than j / riddle me that / most yall looking like literally whack / dumbed down bars so this is silliest raps / automatic flowing i swear im killin them fast / gotta kick it like a mofuckin shanghai switch / tell ‘em play it loud so they bang my shit / i dont peep that bitch / seen a mofucker hating from a cheap ass whip / told him, ‘fuck yall doing’ / im only headed up / where the fuck yall moving / find me in a rut with a bad bitch woman tryna cut / i dont really give a what what, can i get a / my brains is massive / i dont change for the change but i change the address / on a plane imma reign supreme / got this rap shit flowing from the veins i bleed / cold blooded / blew up by myself without no budget / looking at my bank account like oh fuck it / maybe if i bank on how im so rugged / imma ball ‘till a mofucker six feet deep / on the walls with the words sayin, ‘just peep me’ / little homie, just peep me / now say it / trillo on that dope shit see / could’ve been a doctor / could’ve been a chemist / could’ve been a tupac version of a dentist / whole point written in the skies if i die tonight / im accountable for that so im liable right / imma take shit like aint none given / whip wheels upgraded to a range from a civic / gettin brain like books no hook on a track / im a big dick dog you the puss or the ass / pause / throwing hate god damnit / imma finish before you even start the race god damnit / god damnit / you bitch, bitch make me a sammich / least that or a little bit of head / either tied up in yall or a little bit ahead / i aint feeling remorse for the course i endorse so of course im on a ruthless game / wanted a porsche to enforce how i morph to a god so of course i want it roofless mane / kick a little bit of dope-done-da-da / wildlife africa bambata / make a nun show me her titties for one dollar / make a ho give up the pussy for one follow / i want a money machine / i want a million riding with me throwin money for me / i want a honey serving liquor to my money regime / i see you hating but you really looking funny to me / its just a little bit of pimp when i write like this / i divided all the pussy for a night like this / im a dog, took a mofuckin bite like this / i define it west coast living life like this / i aint want much just one chain homie / women wanna fuck my name homie / squad going up, dont change homie / can i get a what, one thing homie
Track Name: Godson
GODSON / im doing what i should while these bitches think its naptime / i feel like tiger woods in a caddy on the back nine / only smoking good and you mofuckers know it / if i wish somebody would then im only asking for it / hunnit ice cold bitches swaying at my shows / and i aint gotta tell ‘em how to bust it / they know / if i feel a little high, aint no guessing where ill land / probably balling from the court while you stressing from the stands / lemme talk my shit / supreme, watch me calculate my needs / might just moderate your teams / while i populate my dreams / aint no off switch for this moshpit / no downgrade from this boss shit / throw a couple hunnit at the club in the process / im feeling like this rap shit needs me / laid her on the mattress easy / told her just to bust it by herself / said she’d do it for the money / told her, ‘do it for your health’ / these rappers think its cake, they trippin / thats how you wind up on that milkbox missing / feet up on the dash while you still caught slipping / feel like michael woopin ass and you still scott pippen / bills might kick in but we never want to say that / ghost ride whippin, where my bitches from the bay at / east coast telling me they vibe real different / and them south mofuckers say they rides still tippin / couldnt see or feel it like the kid deaf, blind / all these artists represent / might as well rep mines / metaphorically they pistols im a fuckin tech nine / i just do it by myself / and i do it just fine / a million dollars couldnt change my opportunities, my wallet’s never holding cash, usually / still awesome, god damnit im awesome / im godfather, you godson / girl say she a dime but she say that she aint fuckin with me / i think that her sister’s sorta fine but her cousin iffy / i might lay a verse up on this record just to ball / get high enough for space, drop a second just to fall / killing every microphone upon my first breath / i got money on your talents / never took a worst bet / i trip off on how i balance, all i do is nose gold / asian bitch from pasadena called her dome rose bowl / money aint the issue we could clear whats in the air / i could have a bigger house / honestly i wouldnt care / i just want enough to chill but you searching for them mills / rather change a million lives homie thats just how i feels / me, im moving fast like a god damn cheetah / if you fiending for that real, this the god damn re-up / seen the other grass it aint really whats the best / bunch of princes selling out and thats word to jazzy jeff / if i ever step, know its only for respect / im just taking what is mines, aint my fault it nothings left / put my foot up on the peddle, hundred-twenty in the streets / rather friendly out in public but a devil in the sheets / peace to my old shit, handled it in my way / faith up in myself got me feeling like im yahweh / bitches in the buick finna let the sour blow / aint no other way to do it then to get it how i know
Track Name: Break II
BREAK II / break two / this how im feeling man, feel it man / my homies tellin me to kill it fam / but i aint kill it i just lay it down properly / i hear these other rappers lay it down awfully / god awfully / trillo saying possibly / chemically imbalanced nervous system see it optically / my only wish is serving music what it fiends for / i need more / my team low but we aint cuss about it / no fucking fuss about it / saved you the bitch seat / i hear your bitch / please, dont let that bitch speak / no disrespect but i dont value her opinion / her two cents worth about two cents / im too spent for this dumb shit / and yall just tryna function / yall just wanna speculate and i just make assumptions / im slowly proving my points / these homies memorize my lines / these bitches wet from they loins / music my weapon of choice / my life incessantly flow / this pen and paper paint a picture and its definitely gold / oh you aint feeling me dog / what im supposed to say, all these rappers killin me dog / that humble shit dont seem to work so i dont speak no say / somehow they say im blowing up / thats word to life homie / wont lay the pipe, wont play / i frito nice, ole / sparkling ice rose / called it a night okay / now just a few more things / yall mofuckers fade to black / im serving white, no fiends / nah i aint nice dont dream / its queens all on my porch / they stop pop and drop squats / thats word to scott, no storch / its silly how i twist that shit to my advantage / instrumental killer naturally, just snapped a candid / so snap it like you clapping for a mofuckin poet / and i swear id say my name but yall already fuckin know it
Track Name: Tell The Truth
TELL THE TRUTH / tell the truth, do you like it when i rap / would you say its sounding like the finest when i rap / would you vibe with me at a show / or show a little love when i finally get to blow / tell the truth, do you see me as a hack / and feel a little lost when you listen to my tracks / i aint hating i just wanted your opinion / to tell the truth i feel like rap is my dominion / i break bread / so tell me if i shouldnt / i want truth, tell me if you think i couldnt / make a living off of saying how i feel / and change a couple lives by portraying what is real / is it naive, just tell me something true / just tell me how to kick it, tell me how to get to you / tell how you feeling, show me how to make a change / i want a tip dog, tell me what to say / this is where i bleed poems sounding like a service / courts like raps homie tell me whats the verdict / i wanted mass appeal / but they aint really dig your flowing if the facts is real / how strange / im switching what ive said / if i had to tell the truth its like a demon in my head / i treat a verse like a lady in the booth / and i never wanted checks homie pay me by the truth / tell the truth if you just like me, tell me if you want to get like me / tell me everything you know, just tell me whats the issue and ill show you how to grow / tell the truth if you just like me, tell me if you want to get like me / tell me everything you do, i do it from the soul so i swear to tell the truth / tell the truth girl do you think im lying / you think im frontin when i tell you that im trying / i wanted peace sweetie, tell me how to meditate / i want a house ‘cause i know you love to decorate / just be honest / tell me if i bug / tell me how to kiss, show me how to make love / order what you want, never worry ‘bout the bill / and if you give me the tools then ill show you how to build / to tell the truth i see you so alive / putting pussy on a pedestal is basically a lie / people preach that when they never find truth / and i bet they’d understand if they ever met you / me and my ambition finna put us on the map / but i know you want it too so im only doing half / this is how im feeling, this is how i keep it running / tell me if its right ‘cause i know you keep it hunnit / you know me bar for bar / you know i wanna play a show and pack it wall to wall / you wanna fly out / take out a map and react / ill tell you just to pick a place, ‘cause we going to that / i wanna see you succeed / i wanna see you at the top, want to see how you dream / tell me just a little truth / tell me what you believe / how you manage being blessed / tell me how do you breathe / you the word / to be honest, got me hooked on phonics / aint nobody seeing what i see, im on it / you the gin to my tonic / from the brim to the bottom / a little honesty is honestly the best / and the way you looking now putting honesty to rest / i swear you killin the game / and honestly i want to put a little trill in your name
Track Name: Lights
LIGHTS / i think i may have seen the lights / last night i had a dream and know ill never see it twice / so i guess its up to me to never call it suicide / when i give music my soul until the second that i die / i am so sincere / know i spend my time alone / always contemplating feelings, all these feelings that ive known / i am own / i am legend / i am home / i am second to nobody, tell somebody grab the reverend / (forgive me father for i have sinned, its been about six years since my last confession) / if this is something from the cold / this is something that i need / this is something from my soul / this is something that i bleed / go and tell a mofucker that i finally see the lights / if second chances real, go and promise me for life / you go’n make if if nobody ever get to see your right / tell somebody everything and tell them mofuckers like / i think i may have seen the lights / its just a little different now i finally see it right / they tell me what it isnt but it isnt me inside / isnt me inside / its just a little different when it visits me at night / think i may have seen the lights / i love my beats, i love my fam / i want a love like peace, a love like lands / i really hate my fears but love my jams / and though it might take years i love my plans / i want a milli for my father putting work in his life / a hundred thousand for my sisters putting work in the night / a couple houses for the homies and they cup full of ice / see just a little bit of knowledge put me up in them lights / im here to stay / this is something for them overlooked depressed who know regret / lost life lights to games with no reset / shot back twice from pains and known defects / who feeling like the world wont even notice that we left / i feel your trials, understand your tribulations / did it for miles, second guessed continuations / but stayed a while, finally found a foundation / then built this mofucker from the basement / basic, following my light show filler / had to face it / couldnt ever type no realer / i aint change shit / i just see the lights more clear / so tell the world a mofucker here / and if wasnt writing feelings id be somewhere in the moss / amongst the dirt and cemeteries feeling hella lost / the cost in which i pay is what i paid to write these songs / but if im right between the music then its right to write my wrongs / i know i cant be nobody else, but i want to be somebody
Track Name: Last Names (Ft Krews)
LAST NAMES / hustle mofuckas for a brick / smoke a little somethin for the fam / i just always tell ‘em how it is / and now they sayin, ‘trillo you the man’ / working for the all night stunt / playing for the crowd in my set / killin every beat from the jump / aint no tellin who im gunnin for next / six shots to the chest in my cup / you silly mofuckers gotta feel it / took a listen to the rapper next up / and told that mofucker i dont feel it / given all the time in the world / i tell ‘em whats a month to a mac / jimmie whippin wheels in the front / and carlos rollin blunts in the back / i aint change for you / kill a hundred freaky bitches in the game for you / wrote a verse and started fires in the rain for you / fuck a record in a second i just came for you / i feel like i might blow / i ball like im mike though / my life fro and your life braided / my ice cold and your ice jaded / real shit, yall mofuckers sounding like you only feel dick / yall still bitch, and im grown now / told your babymama she could take me home now / i aint ever ask for shit / my mask off now you got a mofucker goin bath salts / i aint make the cut but im past it / the only mofucker here undrafted / if you dont like my last name dont download my mixtape / if you dont like my mixtape dont come through to my shows / (krews) im the man with it / say a couple words, couple grand with it / you a hater and a fan with it / i kept it real from the jump then i ran with it / girl imma fuck you right since your man didnt / she want king krews fly never land with it / and imma get it right since the plan didnt / fall through right, right now im just playin with it / undrafted little nigga this a classic / when from the bench to the game went in basket bastard passed it pastor talking pass the blunt yall front / yall pussies plastic, fake fucks / i put in work little nigga taylor / took my style little nigga pay up / always down to sign niggas stay up / wait up, kill the game ‘till they all pay us / cj, man that my boy from way back / pull it spit bullet all into your wave cap / spray that / AK-47 say brraat / nigga i dont wanna say that / gross / east coast to the west coast / when im out in cali got the best dro / she say, ‘damn krews heard you got the best flow’ / well i heard you got the best throat / lets go
Track Name: The Outro
THE OUTRO / what, you go’n tell me about life / like i dont know that shit / i got dirt in these hands / what you think im finna hold that shit / nope / if i let go, im left with what / fuck it i just might test my luck / ‘cause every other situation got me catching up / let me lead for a bit / let me pour out my soul / let me bleed for a bit / i’ve spent too much time in the middle of the night / writing lyrics in the dark, sharing stories of the light / where the grass grow deep and the fans dont sleep / and the love for the game finna carry me to heights / i aint ever told no lie / seen a broke man smile from the streets / i started crying and i dont know why / is it empathy / or the fact that i never really can proceed / to help out with a hand and some money for the dude / tell him, faith only something for the real and true / thats trill / i feel it in my birthname / and that’s real / i been looking, hoping, searching / i found god in a kick and a snare / and that’s perfect / thats perfect, ive been real low and thats perfect / thats perfect, ive seen both sides and thats perfect / thats perfect, ive felt foolish and thats perfect / thats perfect, it built music and thats perfect / i get no sleep on them weekdays / so cheers to the weekend / if i fall short of my dreams, heres to the deep-end / look boy / you aint gotta wear your heart on a sleeve just so everybody see / this is your life / this is your goddamn right / try and live a little first, got to remember how to breathe / and my women / i aint even gotta preach the code / you a star in a flick by itself / im just praying that you keep the role / got to focus, work the system / yall the reason why i write words of wisdom / my mother, and i love her / and she’s the reason why i write perfect / isn’t it / when will i know now / just give me a sign / i sing from my soul now / to free up my mind / my heart’s like a boulder / and it wont go away / im so much more older / and ive just set my pace / no wasting my days