Break I

from by CJ Trillo



Produced by Joey Pecoraro
Mastered by Irving Artero


BREAK 1 / a day one for this writing shit / i see my lyricism becoming forever more / forever if ever i couldnt show up for whats in store / dont blame it on how i live / just judge me from what i love / apparently its apparent i did it for what it was / this aint no conscious shit / but its a little common sense you on my conscious dick / im on my pontious shit / a pilot flying in the clouds / i pile drive a peter piper playing paper porter sounds / need a tape recorder, pal / play this back a year from now i wouldnt hear a single sound / just lemme back its been a minute / since a real rapper hit it / aint no city repping gimmicks / i purely pour it for art / and pray my people put me higher on the top of they charts / i see they minds and they hearts / i never set that apart / do yall feel it / speaking my hearts image / im authentic / baptized in a kick a snare / i rap lines so my vision is clear / track vibes for the sinister wear / its all black ‘till my penance is clear / minister’s here, where’d i go / you see this jedi flow / got me waiting at gate eight for a red-eye home / im impatient, i aint ate but i aint said i wont / i want a red hot roast, you know / im feeling antsy tonight / so raise your glass, i propose we do it fancy tonight / the regular retro / i went and got it, get-go / i live a lot to let go / the hate it dont effect though / what you mofuckers saying / i just been winning, i aint even notice i was playing / so much to drink that i aint even notice i was swaying / im played in, you played out / i saw when, you wait out / the rap-lock for the keys / my mask off i pass out and blast pac from the jeep / no rap god, just a prophet / yall rap bars just to profit / im just having what yall drinking / understand, this isnt hatred / im just saying what yall thinking


from Undrafted, released February 21, 2015




CJ Trillo Chino Hills, California

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